Space Email Theme v2.0 by Ish Passion (preview here | code here)

Still mirroring the looks of Galaxybuster’s Space Email, this update to the previous redux edit offers users much more to customize while remaining just as easy to use as before.

Features include:

  • Simple redux layout that shows post and sidebar information at a glance
  • Color customizations modifying text, links, scrollbars, and the tops of the posts and sidebar
  • Optimized links, audio posts, and optional sidebar tools such as a dropdown menu and search bar
  • Preferences such as Like and Reblog buttons, infinite scroll, and jump pagination can be switched on and off without any hassle
  • Easily uses custom fonts and comes with a list of pre-packaged pixel fonts and their default sizes


gf: babe come over

me (a lawnmower) : no i cant im cutting the grass and you live in the sky

gf: my parents are out

me: image




haru redux edit by tetralyte

static previews: .01 .02 | codes

haha i made ano the r redux edi t (poses) Sorry 


  • 250px centered posts
  • 6 color options
  • a top picture
  • an extra hover description on the top picture
  • 5 extra links
  • a favicon
  • show/hide tags
  • option for tiled background or maximized background

enjoy the theme and if you have any questions please ask off anon


velvet os by meancutie



i wanted to do a fun little theme built around a design and this is what i came up with !

it looks like a redux edit but isn’t this theme comes with post width, columns, margins, and many more setting so you have complete control over how the theme looks


  • can be any post px you want, like 150px, 800px, 230px, whatever
  • any amount of columns, along with customizable post margins
  • completely moveable sidebar and posts
  • top header that includes title, a link to a description pop up box, and a music box area
  • supports background, top sidebar, innder sidebar, lower permalink, scroll to the top, and post icon images
  • all features:

please like/reblog if you use this theme, id love to see what you do with it.

and as always you can send an ask if you have any trouble with customization


Sweet Princess redux edit by heiwajima

preview 1 / preview 2: space princess / codes


  • 400px posts
  • rounded corners option on posts and sidebar
  • transparent option on posts and sidebar
  • pagination
  • show / hide tags
  • drop down navigation menu
  • top banner/border
  • footer background pattern on hover

IMPORTANT: When uploading a banner/border image, make sure to check the HEIGHT of the image you pick and type it on ‘Banner Image Height’ to ajust it properly. As an example, in preview one, the height of the lacy top border uploaded was 48px, so in the Banner Image Height I typed ‘48’. If you don’t do that, your banner might look a bit weird.

This is the first time I publish a redux edit/theme in general, so I’m still not that good on these things… I hope you can play with it and enjoy it, though! If you have any questions ask here and I’ll try my best to answer them. Have a good day!


was feelin sad so i drew my wife


simple cute redux

by nnadoka // live preview x // code

this is my first theme, it’s a super simple redux edit. it has very little customization features but i decided to upload it because i thought it looked pretty cute!

  • background color
  • custom sidebar
  • no shadows/flat
  • 400px posts
  • lace border
  • add <center> to your description
  • use 200x200+ sidebar image
  • keep description short (optional; imo i think it looks nicer)

i apologize in advance since i haven’t used css/html in a while (i’m relearning it r/n; this was kind of a testing theme). so there will probably be some bugs;; the theme’s super simple but i think it’s pretty cute! i hope you like it!!